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Welcome to the repository of Judgments of High Court of Karnataka

Judgments for cases disposed after 2nd June 2014 are available in this repository for Principal Bench at Bangalore and Benches at Dharwad & Gulbarga

This repository is "Full Text Search" enabled. One can search the judgments using words contained in the judgments. To use this facility, one has to type the word/phrase in the text box appearing in the top-left corner of the page, below "Search DSpace" and click on Go button. Type the phrases within double quotes (") to find exact match

Click here to get Judgments disposed before 2nd June 2014


For effective results, go to 'Advanced Search' page, where Judgments can be searched by (full or part of) Hon'ble Judges' Name, Petitioners' Name, Respondents' Name, Case Number etc

"Browse" option lists all entries and is not a filtered list

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High Court of Karnataka


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